Experience the mountain from the snowmobile

Fresh air and a snow-covered magical landscape mile after mile. A stop with ice fishing and a bonfire makes it a unique access to the high mountains.

Storøya on Ingulfsvann is the terminus of the fishing trail on Ingulfsvann. There you will find a shared rest area for everyone. With toilet, firewood and barbecue area. Read more here.

The recreational trail network in Lierne consists of a total of almost 40 miles of snowmobile trails. To drive on the trails you need a trail certificate and to drive fishing trails you need a fishing license.

Regulations: The trail network is developed over the years in Lierne. In order to continue to have scooter trails in the future, a common understanding and sensible use is required. Everyone who uses the trails must familiarize themselves with the regulations and respect them.

Trail maps and information about open trails can be found on this page. The trails can close and open at short notice due to changing road conditions, so look through the map when you plan to take a trip and keep yourself updated. Normally, most slopes are open January through April.

Track certificates are purchased via vipps shop by searching LSSK or number 526601 in Vipps.

Starting places with parking are in several places. Look for the P’s on this map. One of these is in our courtyard at Ingelsvassveien 1143, 7882 Nordli.

The ice fishing trail from Storfjellet to Ingulfsvann can be run by bringing ice fishing equipment and buying a fishing license here. Fishing waters accessible from the scooter are Ingulfsvann, Pettertjønna and Litjtjønna.

Snowmobile transport of luggage and people can be ordered from us.

Rent a scooter. If you want to rent a scooter, rental scooters are offered at Nordli Totaktservice.